Monday, November 30, 2009

could someone make december 11 get here a little quicker???

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease???? that's when my studio calico should arrive (or somewhere thereabouts...) let me just tell you, this month is di-vine! i probably won't get a chance to use it much before christmas, but i would like to smell the papers & oooh and aahhh over it all a few times! sigh... plus, i ordered the project kit. i have christmas decor plans to go with mr. artist printers tray. yes, i do... he's going to get dolled up and be displayed with this guy right here:
(*if you like this little guy, you can find them here*)

mine hasn't arrived yet. but, isn't he too cute for words??? he'll go so nicely with the candles i just put on the mantle:

these are from pottery barn, but i found mine at tar-jay. (*who doesn't love target?!) they were $10-16 each there... doesn't it look like mr. hooty was just made to go with those candles? they were meant to be!

well, the hubs and "big bang theory" are calling (as well as my air popped popcorn that has then been covered in a vat o' butter!)

i'll leave you with the goodness that is studio calico's december kit and add-ons. (yes... i bought all 3! ack!)

Orchestra (*main kit)

studio calico's pattern paper



last, but not least... the project kit woodwinds

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shaping Up, Cleaning out

oh, i have so much stuff! i have been cleaning out all of my scrap supplies. what a process! i am selling a bunch on etsy - including my cricut & cartridges. so if you are in the market, keep checking my shop for it.... it's a slow process and my internet keeps shutting down. darn comcast! i am also going to do a giveaway on the bloggity here when i am done. so, keep checking back for that also! if you are intersted in any scrappy items, my etsy store is:


i am still adding things...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I love Yearbook!

the hubs has the kidlets out playing tennins; so, i thought i'd share some layouts on my much (much) neglected blog!

i am officially in love studio calico's october kit, yearbook. i wish it were still available so that all of you who didn't get it, could... it's really just beautiful! i have made FOURTEEN layouts with it... so far. i still have plenty to make a good few more too! i can only share 12 with you because 2 are out to be pub'ed. but... here they are. :) happy, beautiful saturday all!
we went camping at yosemite national park last month. it was so amazing. and so beautiful!

this was a lift of the fabulous waleska. the photos are from our trip to charleston a couple of years ago. (thanks to miss joanna for chatting about charleston. got me enthusiastic about going back & revisting those photos!)

these photos are actually from boo at the zoo a couple of years ago.

sweet sentiment about my middlest. inspired by a layout by scrapally

this is a current favorite. when i saw the studio calico paper.... i knew this is what i was going to do with it!

i just love this one of my boy!

c... a couple of years ago.

the other c... at yosemite

halloween costume a couple of years ago....

favorite things around the house.

at the pumpkin patch a couple of years ago...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

go vote!

for your favorite outfit. this one is mine, but vote for the one you like best. :) the top two vote receivers win a pair of jeans from downeast basics.