Tuesday, December 28, 2010

totally rando post

so.  the 'rents are visiting.  they came in the day after christmas.  we went to napa valley yesterday & went to castello di amarosa.  (owned by the same sattui that owns v. sattui.) delectable wine & family friendly.  actually, if you've ever seen "bedtime stories" with adam sandler (& if you haven't, you should... good, funny family movie!) the castle scenes were filmed there.  ANYWAY...  then went into napa for lunch at black bear diner (one of my major faves!!!) and then popped over to downtown to stop into anette's for some chocolates.  (truffles for me, a chocolate covered homemade marshmellow for the man - cuz that's just how he rolls...) 
 today we hit up the jelly belly factory.  it's a must when we have company.  nevermind that the kids & i have the tour memorized, could take the test to get our "degrees in beanology" and start giving tours.  whatever.  i guess  because of the christmas break, it was CROWDED.  we waited almost 2 hours to take the tour.  more than twice as long as we have ever waited.  but, as always, the kids loved it.  i got a huge bag of reindeer candy corn cheap since it is now after christmas.  so, everyone was a happy camper all around... :) 

so.  now.  it's pouring rain outside.  the hubs & my dad are watching football.  my mom & kids have gone to bed.  so, i'm sitting in my room half watching dateline, half reading the gibletgate thread @ 2 peas, consuming the rest of my little box of truffles from anette's yesterday & drinking a glass of gamay rouge from v. sattui and posting to say "hiiiiiiiii" and ask how your christmas was?  ours was good.  the kids loved all of their gifts from santa, played and shared like champs all day christmas.  it was fantastic day.  totally, totally lazy.  just ate random food & hung out in our pj's.  the kids actually stayed in pj's all day - only to change into a fresh pair for bedtime & watched "the santa clause 3."  (another movie we love!)      

oh - and to share this.  tomorrow elle is starting peeks for the new lines.  i can't not wait to get my hands on the new stuff!!!  be sure to check it out!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

jenni bowlin!

i had the awesome privilege of making some things for the jenni bowlin inspiration blog!  and they are up now.  woo hoo!  thank you, stephanie,  for asking me & the opportunity to participate!  :) 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a little craftiness

so....  husband home for christmas break + sick kids + lots (& lots & lots) of rain have allowed me to spend a little crafty time this week.  i am truly grateful for that! (not the sick kid part though....)    i have a card and a layout that i can't share yet, but will give a little sneaky peeky of another day.  :) 

  i seriously am in love with this card.  it's the colors.  i used the studio calico exclusives from december + a sheet from glitz + those awesome ki memories scribbles stickers.  i love, love, love the way it turned out.  to make the "banner" i simply cut out a couple of  rows from the sassafras lass/ sc paper, attached a strip from the herringbone paper & accordion folded it.  Love the way it turned out & you will actually see the same thing on several of my layouts & cards coming up!  :)  

i made this one with a sheet from the glitz hoopla paper, my mind's eye crepe ribbon & some pearls.  love the way that cake looks.  i think i need a couple more sheets; so, i can make some birthday ones too! 
another one made from glitz pp.  i used this paper and the one in the top card.   i used the real state punch and the coordinating stamp from studio calico (in the holiday lights add on)  
this lo is from studio calico's december kit, metropolitan.  (i think they still have some.  if you don't have it, you should snatch it up.  it is that fabulous.)  this is my girl + my friend's girl + the other "belle" from our church christmas play last weekend. they were the "belles of the nile"   

to make this little flower center, i used the stamp from the main kit.  i first stamped it one kraft cardstock & then stamped it on 4 different patterns. then,  i cut out bits from the patterns & glue dotted them on!  love the colorful, mosaic look! 
i think i mentioned this in another post, but i am also in love with the new ki memories calendar pages.  i think i am going to make a month in review page each month.  i've started on december's using the teal one.  i'll share it after the month is over & i've finished it!  :) 
(and a side note: if the dates look "off," it's because i accidentally put june.  it should be july!  eek!) 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

So, so, excited!

i am excited to announce that i made my first ever design team.  thank you, elle, for giving me this opportunity.  i am so excited to work with elle's products and with the wonderful list of ladies on the team for the january-june 2011 term.  :)
check it out HERE

Sunday, December 5, 2010

a little scrapping

well... with all of the craziness of thanksgiving & christmas upcoming, i squeezed in a little scrapbooking last week.  wooo!  just thought i'd share.
the littlest & i drove up to green tangerines last week where i found all of these fun new papers from ki memories.  i totally need to go back & get more - one for each month!   it's probably a good thing it's a little bit of a drive &  i can't just pop over to that store!

this one i made mostly with the watercolor add on from studio calico's october kit + more ki memories letters & scribble stickers. 

this one was made with my napa valley studio calico kit & i actually made it a couple of weeks ago.  i just haven't had time to take pics of it!   

Monday, November 29, 2010

thank heavens for photoshop...

after the crazy pics we took in napa a few weeks ago, i thought we'd give it one last ditch effort & have troy's mom take a couple of pics in front of the christmas tree this weekend.  let's just say... thank goodness there is photoshop & i hope i can merge a couple together to get a decent shot.  (& fix the sharpness, etc...  i don't think she had it focused on us... and photoshop the black bag out of the back.) well.  at least it is "real," no?

Monday, November 15, 2010

couple of napa valley layouts.

had a crop at the house this weekend.  don't ask how much i finished then.... it's sad.  we won't go there.  BUT.... we did have a fabulous time.  drank some delish margaritas, and had some wonderful laughs.  but, i did make a couple of layouts with napa valley yesterday & today.  so, i thought i'd share!  they are both a lot brighter/ less fall-ish than i thought i'd make... trying to challenge my self to use beyond kraft.  i get kinda stuck on it sometimes!
this one uses primarily santa cruz.  plus a couple of buttons from my stash & licorice mist.  i NEED more of that alpha!  i used all of the e's!  nooooo!  lol.  
yep... my kids never cooperate.  oh well.  

the idea came for this one when i was scrapping yesterday & brad paisley's song "then" came on.  
incidentally, the photos in both layouts were taken in napa valley last weekend.  :)  
i think i am in love with these butterflies from making memories!  :)

Oh!  before i forget.... i have been asked multiple times what the alpha stamps i use all the time are.  they are the basic upper case & lower case stamps from hero arts.  

Sunday, November 7, 2010

napa valley

we went there with some friends this weekend.  i found some new favorite wines.  thank you, nic & jami for introducing us to those wineries.  (the one above is vi sattui.)  i can't wait to scrapbook our photos using the november studio calico kit, "napa valley"  hee hee.  how fortuitous, no?  

Monday, November 1, 2010


if you plan to do something like this with your child's hair...
be prepared for the worst when you brush it out.  
psa over.

Monday, October 25, 2010

on the easel layouts

i FINALLY got a chance to break into my october kit this weekend.  i am loving it & so, so glad i got all 4 add ons.  (psssst... they still have the main + 2 of the add ons still available.)  i am still on the fence about whether i love all of the layouts i made, but that's for another time.  lol.  
i love this layout.  the goofy pictures of my kids are so "him."  and, i think i love this one also because i LOVE that wood pp from october afternoon.  yum!  (i'm still loving that addy alphabet set too.  definitely worth picking up, if you haven't already.)

this would be one i am on the fence one.  i love all the clustered stufff.... maybe i just don't love the pic of me. (it is pretty goofy looking...)

(hmmm.... pic looks a little fuzzy.  sorry!)

and, last, but not least... a super simple one of my little guy at easter.  this picture cracks me up.  one - he makes the goofiest of faces.  two- this goofy face totally makes me think of brick on the middle.  (if you don't watch that show, you should!  HILARIOUS!)

Monday, October 18, 2010


the race was amazing...  the views of the city were un.be.lievable.  the energy and atmosphere were indescribable.  the hills and rain and cold weather were a bear.  would i do it again?  in a heartbeat... (well...maybe once my legs aren't sore from all the hills.)  will post more once i've downloaded the pics from the professional website.  :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

this is it!

Body Glide: check.
ipod: check.
Spiffy Coordinating Running Outfit So i look like i know what in the frick frack I am doing: check.
Hotel Confirmations, Race Entry Confirmations, Dinner Reservations Printed: check.

now, we are just waiting for our fantabulous friend who is coming to stay the night with the brood, and we will be headed down to to San Fransisco for the Nike Women's.  Eeek!  Nervous? Yes.  Excited? Yes.  can't believe i was insane enough to sign up for this!  whew!  wish me luck!

oh.  crap.  i forgot to put my running shoes in the bag... guess i'll go get those before we leave.  (i remembered my camera on the first try; so, that has to count for something, right???)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

does scrapbooking count as cross training?

i hope so.  with a husband out of town & a boy who was pukey & didn't go to school, that's what i did today instead of running.  so, we're gonna call scrapbooking cross training, k?  that way i feel a little better about it!  hee hee!  finally got a chance to break out my studio calico back 40 kit that came last week.  LOVING this kit!  super lovely!