Sunday, March 28, 2010

random mumblings...

i should be doing something.  the husband and kidlets went fishing.  fun, huh?  i have been scrapping.  just taking a break.  you ever feel like your brain is fogged.  you even know what you want to do, but you just don't have the muster to do it?

my husband was in the little rock area last week to do some flying.  (has to go back every few months to keep his requirements up.)  while he was there, he went to our all*time favorite bbq place.  if you are ever in the little rock area, you should make an effort to check out the mean pig.   it really is the best.  he, of course, ate there.  (which makes me insanely jealous!)  but... he brought me a couple of bottles of their mild sauce.  so.  i making pulled pork sandwiches with the sauce.  it smells so divine.  it's been cooking for about 9-10 hours.  mmmm.....  i am looking forward to dinner tonite!  if you ever wanted to know how to make pulled pork (just because i know you were dying to know, right?):

one crock pot
one pork tenderloin
your favorite bbq sauce

put the pork loin and the bbq sauce in the crock pot.  let it cook all day.  (i usually do high heat for a couple of hours and then turn to low heat.)  about 10-15 minutes before you are ready to eat, take 2 forks and pull the meat apart.  super simple and so delish! mmm... you could also do this with beef if you don't eat pork.  fixin some baked beans and cole slaw to go with it.  i should have made homemade baked beans.  that would have been good.  oh well.  next time.  he did bring home 2 bottles of the sauce!  we're gonna have some good southern eatin' in california tonite!  ooh... tea.  i need sweet tea too.

if you'll excuse me now, i am going to make a little pot of java to reboot my brain.  and.  going to go drag my little obnoxious dog into the house.  he's barking like kujo at my neighbor's great dane.  you know, because my 25 pound dog could totally take the great dane, right?  dang napoleon complex....

Friday, March 26, 2010

riddle me this...

so, why is it that a mom can have a pounding headache, serious congestion and a throat so sore that it hurts to even think of swallowing... BUT she takes sudafed every 4 hours and troops on. dad gets the SAME ailment & takes the same medication, and he is lying on the couch wrapped in a blanket and making sniffling, pathetic noises. seriously. where is the fairness in this senario? it only annoyes me. sorry, dude. i don't feel bad for you. maybe if i had laid on the couch sniffling, i might. but, i didn't even get the option. okay RANT over!

AND riddle me this also.... who is this gal on the sass blog again? what??? my lovely friend denise pointed it out to me. (she is featured on the sc blog today. :) ) i'm not sure how i managed to get there again, but seriously, i'll take it. dude, i love sassafras lass. they are my favorite & have been for several years now.

i feel like this post needs a picture. it feels naked without it. we can't have any nakey-ness going on...

this gleek is counting the days to april 13. are you?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

this post shall have lots of photos...

well.... because i never blog. ever. and sorry to have to make the comments need approval first. i was getting weird comments with links to porn. so, if you're over at studio calico, you've likely seen these, but these are a few of the most recent layouts i've done. honestly, i'm gonna be lazy & not post everything. :O i know. i am the worst blogger on the planet! i'm never here! these are all from the march studio calico kit "quilting bee." it was quite a lovely kit! :) hope you all are getting more done than i am!

the layout above is quite possibly my current new fav lo. this is troy & me just a few days ago. :) all is from the kit and "honeycomb" add on - except for the pearls & jenni bowlin button. you wanna know what's funny about this one? i didn't really like that turquoise paper. but, as i was looking at the stuff on the floor, thought... ooooh the turquoise with yellow & orange. let's do that. lol.
this one is, well, a little from the kit. the sass flowers i picked up at michael's yesterday - and used the whole package on this layout. (what can i say? i love 'em!) i also took photos of the pages in my bible (it's the book of esther, if you were curious. ;) ) i printed them out & then punched them out with my seal of approval punches & large scallop punch from marvy. thought it was kinda fun. the ribbon, letters, veneer & stick pins all came from the kit. i just dotted the letters with a gel pen because they just weren't standing out on the kraft, to me anyway.
this one is of my grandpa & nanny (before they were married) with my great grandma. just love this picture. not sure why. just do. :) kinda simple one, but i think i like it.
this is my aunt pam. when i saw this pic, i knew i had to use this kit because of the tricycle. i loved the trike stamp, but wasn't sure where i would use it - except for maybe for the boys. perfect. i was also struck by how much my sister looks like my aunt when she was little. never particularly noticed it in her almost 30 years, but here - my sister kristen looks like aunt pam!
another simple on that i really loved. another pic of my aunt pam. (thanks to mom for bringing me more old family photos - by the way!) this one was pretty easy - just cut the flowers out of the dear lizzy paper. cut the girl from the cosmo cricket paper & there you have it. toss on a few pearls, and you're good to go!
i labored over this thing forever - and it shows. sheesh. it's kinda overworked, but whatever. photo is from christmas a couple of years ago. and, i think, everything is from the kit. (well, i didn't buy the add on that had the buttons, but i already had those buttons.)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Shut up.

no, really. shut. up. i was looking at a few blogs on my iPhone yesterday & discovered sassafras lass put a couple of my recent layouts on their blog. get the heck outta dodge! i didn't even know. how fun is that?!