Wednesday, May 26, 2010

oooh.... documentary

get thee to two peas in a bucket or stop and scrap (or wherever you can get your hands on it!!!) and pick up studio calico's newest release "documentary." this stuff is seriously fab!  i've been stalking 2 peas to see when they got it in & it's iiin!  with an expected ship date of tomorrow.  will have it this weekend!  woot!
how fabulous are these rub-ons??? i just got the hot air balloon ones, but i am thinking i should have at least gotten the blue camera ones too!  

and how gorgeous are these papers?!  i think the vespa scooter one might be a new favorite (and the grey one and the orange one and the....  there's just so much to love!!)

and the fab-rips... if you've never tried them, you really need to!  they are so much fun!  anytime studio calico has had them in a kit, i've ordered extra!  they are so awesome!

and how adorable are the journaling cards??
and, last but not least, the lovely label stickers & alphas.  (i just love those fonts!!)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tissue Paper Flower How To...

i can't take credit for the tissue paper flower idea.  i mean, every little girl  has likely made them.  right?  but, if you are like me, you forgot how.  i've had several people ask how to make them.  so, here you are.  i got the tutorial from the queen of all things crafty, miss martha stewart, of course. you can find her step by step guide
They are super cheap to make and super duper easy!i made all of the ones for my daughter's party for less than $20.  (including the ribbon they were hung with!) now, my flowers were a little more redneck than martha's.  i used a stapler instead of floral wire.  (you can't see it.  no one will know)  
have a beaut of a weekend!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

whew! aaaaaand it's over!

we have been so busy at casa de pierce!  i've been running - trying to earn a spot in the nike women's marathon since i didn't get a spot in the random drawing.  and, last tuesday was the girl's 11th birthday.  i spent all week long preparing for the party.  she told me she wanted a hotel theme.  so, i tried to make it as "hotel-y" as a house can be!  she just wanted her two bff's; so, at least i didn't have to plan for a huge group of girls.  we sent invitations to the a "sweet vip event at the chez claire hotel."  since i haven't been scrapping, i thought i would share some pics of the party decor....  (the pic above is the mountain of tissue paper flowers i made for the party.)
these are from our "front desk."  the card is one claire received from her nana & papa.

walking in the front door to the "girls only lounge"  (aka the front room.  but they danced their hearts out in here! and... the boys came in anyway!)  i put pics of the 3 girls up in the 11x14 frames.  

more tissue paper flowers going in to the living room/ kitchen.
the candy bar/ buffet

 the popcorn boxes they used to 
      take candy to their"hotel room"
chocolate covered pretzel's & see's strawberry truffles.  yum!
claire's jones sodas
i was super pleased with the way the cupcakes turned out.  so easy to
make and so pretty at the same time!

their place settings at the "hotel restaurant"

the "hotel room" (aka mom & dad's room)
the hotel room basket with toiletries & such
the "swag bags."  because every good event should have a swag bag, right?
the bag included more candy (pink & red, of course - in keeping with the theme), a notebook & pen, a key chain with the hotel "logo", jelly bracelets, "fancy" rings, a cd with music from the dance lounge, nerds chap stick & canister to take candy home with them.

i am leaving you with "carl."  he is a peanut buddy belonging to one of claire's friends.  he goes all kinds of places with our little gang... so, the party was no exception.  that little nut snuck off & raided the candy bar while the girls were dancing!  what a sneaky little dude!