Wednesday, June 30, 2010

using up granny's cupboard

i loved this kit.  i'm trying hard to use up some of my studio calico kits.  :)  so, i've been focusing on granny's cupboard the past few days.  i think i can eek out another couple of layouts, but i'm getting there! :)
our baby - when he was actually a baby!  almost 4 years ago..
middle one & daddy.  what's better than a sleeping baby & daddy?
my bff & my middle one almost 6 years ago.  yikes!
another old photo.  two of my girlfriends - angela & taryn.  i miss those girls!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

a little scrapbooking from the past week

so.... the past week or so has been so, so busy!  whew!  but, i got to scrap a little on friday & a little today.  so. i have some layouts to share.  woot!
this one is a bit personal.  but, it's true.  i've been thinking about this page for some time now.  when you regularly move from one place to another every few years, making friends can be hard!  i love people, but i'm not overly outgoing.  i mean, i can talk you up a blue streak... but, as far as groups go, i am petrified.  plus, it can be hard making friends when the local folks have all of their friends they have had all of their lives!  it can be hard to break in.

an old pic, but i think i might love this layout.  :)
i have to admit.  i am 100% addicted to these books.  i've only gotten thru book 5.  but, i have all but the last one checked out from the library (still #132 on the waiting list...)  but, i think eric has now replaced dexter as my bad boy literary crush.  oh, my heart is so fickle!  
my goober.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

the star wars party...

...where we didn't even play the cool "jedi training" game we came up with or the save the universe pin the spaceship game.  but.... the boys had a great time.  :)  the creative imaginations stuff paired with the hallmark stuff was perfect!
the awesome vader candle is from hallmark; i found it @ party city.  (my boys thought that was pretty darn awesome too!)  i made the cupcake wrapper from this pattern paper and this punch and template i downloaded online.  i don't remember where i got it, but i googled "free cupcake wrapper template." 
i made this banner out of this paper (also the same one i used for the invites.)
i made this guy from some hallmark tissue paper & a little cardstock & the piece of pp from creative imaginations.  (ALL of the characters on the banner & hanging from the ceiling and on 10 invites - you can see them in the post below- came from ONE sheet of that paper!)
the entry table with goodie bags & "vader ades" and "yoda sodas" for the kids.
i made the goody bags from inexpensive bags from party city & printed on them.  the free star wars font can be found HERE.  i also used this font on the invites.  the storm trooper is from this fabulous paper.
np party is complete without cupcakes, right?  (at least not at this house anyway!)
the darth vader pinata came open on the 3rd try!  the kids went nuts!

Edited to add this.  i totally forgot the pic of this.  that awesome little organizer for the plates & stuff was a steal at costco!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

from a galaxy far, far away....

...we are preparing for a star wars party like no one's business this weekend!  hee hee!!!  i am sure i will have plenty of pics next week.  but, just wanted to share a little.  :) 
below are the labels i made to put on jones sodas as favors.

Monday, June 7, 2010

another new favorite and teachers' gifts (and a little yummy....)

this is a new favorite.  (seems like i always have a new fav!  lol.)  it is a combo of documentary  & the sc may add on kit "knick knacks" & the main.
These are the little gift card holders i made for the kids' end of the year teachers gifts.  i used the report card from october afternoon (which i had been hoarding since i bought it last fall!)  i just love the way they turned out.  i put "summer fun" gifts inside - a borders gift card, a coldstone gift card & 2 tickets to the local movie theater.  i hope they like it!  my philosophy is that teachers probably get plenty of "teacher" themed stuff every year.  and, if they've been teaching long enough, they have a stock pile.  i'd rather give them something they will enjoy & use!  kwim?
and... hello, gorgeous.  my life was changed when troy gave me this for mother's day 2009.  i do love a good margarita.  so. since the kids are in bed & troy is gone. i am sippin on these babies & going to do a little scrappin & maybe catch up on "glee" since the evening is mine.  alllll mine.  bwahahahaha.  right after i put the towels in the wash from the pitcher of 'ritas that spilled all over the counter & kitchen floor due to me not screwing the bottom on the pitcher correctly.  oh, the wasted tequila & triple sec.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

docu looove

got a chance to use some of my new studio calico documentary this week.  it is so pretty.  a travel themed line - but of the 5 lo's i've made, none have been travel themed yet!  :)
this is a new fav.  i love this pic of noah.  love, love, love it!

collin is obsessed with mustaches.  dunno why, but he loves them.  talks about them all the time.  points them out whenever he sees one.  insists he will have one when he is a daddy.

this is a layout i've been meaning to make for a couple of years now.  when collin was little, he would stand in the backyard saying "hi, daddy, hi!" to all of the c-130's that flew overhead.  (because, you know, daddy was in every single one of them.  lol)

our particular little guy.  we joke (& really hope he outgrows this!) that we should have named him sheldon (as in "big bang theory" sheldon!)