Thursday, July 28, 2011

a whole hecka lot of layouts...

so... i challenged myself to make 10 layouts by mid-week this week.  i fell short by one.  what can i say??? 3 kids.  all at home.  baseball.  doctor's appointments.  running errands.  friends over for dinner.  i did well!  granted my laundry is in a state of, um, NOT done.  but, after weeks of busyness. it was so nice to just scrapbook!  they are not all super fabulous.  and.  you know what?  i'm okay with that!   so... i will share what i did.  excuse the overload!  (a couple of these are ones i just now got around to photographing!)  :)
okay... this one is from a month ago or so. but, i FINALLY added journaling this week! 
i love, love, love this old pic! the button is an actual campaign button my mom found at my grandma's house! 
using some lawn party from studio calico.  i loved that kit and had hardly touched it.  you will see a bit of it here! 

more lawn party.  love this picture of my mom's aunt.  i am so fortunate to have my mom - who loves old family photos.  she has scanned and put onto disk countless family treasures! 
annnnnd... more lawn party!  and, this is a lift of a layout i made a few weeks ago!  nothing says you can't copy yourself!  :)  still need to add journaling to this one.  just haven't quite formualated exactly what i want to say yet!
not my favorite all time layout, but these are some favorite photos from a large family gathering at troy's grandmother's farm last summer.   
 i do like this one.  :)  using, guess what??? lawn party!  and some of the new elle's studio labels.  LOVE the new elle's! 
this one i made at a crop a couple of months ago.  yep. it got set aside & i forgot to take a photo.  but, i love this one; so, i had to share...

and.  the ones below are just peeks of 3 other layouts i made for the august scrap again gallery.   i'll share those in full a little later!  :) 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

miss art's!

a couple of months ago, i was asked by the lovely alyssa mcgrew at miss art's papercrafting school if i would be interested in instructing an online class for them.  i was nervous.  i've never done this kind of thing before, but it was a lot of fun, and a new experience for me.  :)  the concept of miss art's is really cool - a monthly subscription to new classes every month & it's affordable.  the new classes (including mine) start august 1st!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

i'm alive!

& mostly able to eat!  ate solids all day yesterday.  it was a very exciting thing for me!  ha!  still not 100%, but feeling better.  my grandma is doing pretty good for a 92 year old who had a major stroke.  AND - i never got called in for jury duty - which is good because i was still in a good deal of pain & still taking percocet on the days i was "on call."  crisis averted!  i even scrapped a little page this week...  so, i thought i'd share!  hope everyone is having as lovely a weekend as we are here in cali!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

couple of new layouts for your viewing pleasure...

...or displeasure.  lol.  depends on if you like them or not.  ha!  and then i will likely drop off of here for a couple of weeks.  (not that i am the most prolific blogger out there anyway!)  
but, i am having my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, followed by driving my daughter to camp, followed by jury duty, followed by picking her back up from camp!  the next couple of weeks will be INSANE! honestly, i am kind of dreading it...  Troy will be off work for the surgery and the day after, but that's it.  it's all me.  ugh.  i can't re-schedule the jury duty.  this IS my re-schedule.  trying to get troy to take off work is like trying to move both heaven and earth.  i am hoping they will take one look at me and send me home.  (not banking on it.  you're talking to the girl who was 36 weeks pregnant and was put on a week long tort trial when called for jury duty in alaska.)  but, i a m hoping.   then i only have to arrange for childcare ONE day of jury duty instead of however many.  my mom was suppose to come in town yesterday.  (incase you are wondering why i would schedule oral surgery with no help).  unfortunately, my grandma had a stroke over the weekend.  she has not been in good health since january.  my mom is with her.  (not complaining about that.  just  saying why i don't have help.  she SHOULD be with her mom)  she re-scheduled her flight for later in the week; but, honestly, a lot of that will depend on how my grandma is doing - which they just don't know for certain yet.  so... if you are the praying kind, maybe keep her in your prayers?  and my mom?  i know this is a really tough thing for her.  the past 6 months have been really, really hard on her (and my aunt and uncle.)  
whew.  that was way more personal information than i normally share here!  but, it kinda felt good to share!  okay.  some fluff. and then i'm off to *attempt* to clean my house (that i just scrubbed 3 days ago - darn kids home all day messing up the place!).